Yakamoz Vinegar was established in 1996 in Bornova with the initiative of entrepreneur and merchant Suat Karaloğlu from Beyşehir, Konya.

He took the biggest step to reach his dream of introducing a Turkish brand to the world and exporting its products to 7 continents by moving to the current Production Campus in Manisa Turgutlu. Our production facility, which has the ability to produce products at a very high capacity with its state-of-the-art 9 bottle filling machines and 6 large vinegar fermentors, in an open area of 21.000 m² and a closed area of 10.000 m², our domestic and international sales network growing day by day, and valuable employees who contribute to this goal with devotion. With our staff, we are getting closer and closer to our goal of being a leader in the sector with each passing day. Yakamoz Vinegar, which is a window opened from Turkey to the world, produces the most delicious food products in its field in Turkish and World Quality Standards and welcomes you to the tables of our valued customers. Yakamoz Vinegar, keeping its eyes on the horizon by holding 27 years of labor and experience in one hand and the innovation, technology and innovation required by the age in the other, is proud to experience the growth and development that will become a world brand. With our principle of "zero error, zero loss and maximum efficiency", Yakamoz Vinegar employees, who work with the same enthusiasm every day to make production in accordance with the new developing technology and conditions without the healthiest hand, are proud of presenting the perfect flavors to your tables. Our principle is to produce healthy and safe food, and our goal is to be the world's unique brand of vinegar and turnip juice. While we are working non-stop for this goal, it will be your duty to enjoy the taste that comes to your table and to be proud of the spread of a Turkish brand to the world.

We owe our export experience to uncompromising quality and hygiene standards, we have ISO 22716:2007, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2015, FSSC 22000 and quality, food safety and halal food management systems certificates.

At the same time, we continued production without compromising our quality and food safety policies by following all the rules determined during the COVID-19 outbreak. Yakamoz Vinegar, which is able to comply with the strictest food codex of various countries by offering the highest quality products to the consumers in the most hygienic conditions, and able to perform detailed food analysis, has adopted the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction and continues its success in practice. In addition to quality, continuous improvement is one of the main features of Yakamoz. The R&D Center, coordinated by the Marketing Department, provides guidance for new products and plays a key role in the development of existing products.

Yakamoz Vinegar is a sweeter world that delivers its quality to wider audiences, offers an ever-increasing variety of products, develops the industry with the right investments, and creates a sweeter world. It is a company that works for Yakamoz is to continue to produce the best in the future.